Taylor Swift Firmly Believes in Travis Kelce, ‘Red Flags’ and All: ‘A true partner’ – I don’t care, I am happier than ever..

Taylor Swift Firmly Believes in Travis Kelce, 'Red Flags' and All: ‘A true partner' - I don't care, I am happier than ever..

Many took the hitmaker’s hangout session with Travis’ mom as a sign that the two were serious – but it turns out, this is something that Taylor has done numerous times in her past romances, many of which fizzled out soon after.



Does Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's Relationship Have 'Red Flags?'



And according to dating coach and host of Do the Work podcast, Sabrina Zohar, rushing to meet your partner’s parents is a major ‘red flag.’

‘Honestly, meeting the parents early on is a red flag to me,’ she told DailyMail.com exclusively.

‘Meeting someone’s family prematurely forces intimacy early on and often forces validation from the family.

‘Depending on the partner’s receptivity, it can also be a means of control to expedite the stages.

‘While I understand she wants to meet the family and establish a deeper relationship, you can’t expedite the stages of a relationship faster than they naturally progress.’

Another relationship expert, Megan Weks, explained that it could be a sign that Taylor has an ‘anxious attachment style