“Taylor Swift Fans Rally as Joy Behar Labels Travis Kelce an ‘Idiot’ on The View – Swifties Speak Out!”


Joy Behar does not want Taylor Swift to get “stuck” with boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The View cohost shared her disapproval of their relationship during the latest episode of the talk show, which aired on November 16. “I’m a Swiftie,” Behar said. “I love her because she’s getting young people out to vote so I don’t want her to be stuck with this idiot.”

This comes after fans recently resurfaced a slew of the 34-year-old NFL player’s old tweets from the years 2010 to 2012, which include a fair amount of spelling mistakes that only seemed to endear him further to Swifties. “Celebrities’ old tweets being vile stuff full of bigotry and then you get travis kelce spelling squirrel as ‘squirle,’” one fan responded to his old posts.

Behar did not seem to have a problem with Kelce’s “frankley” delightful posts about “Chipolte.” Instead, she wanted to discuss some of tweets body-shaming women. “Here’s one of his quotes, ‘Damn, the Clippers girls gotta be the girls that don’t make the Lakers team ’cause they was all ugly,’” Behar read aloud. “Forget about—He’s illiterate is more to the point.”

"Taylor Swift Fans Rally as Joy Behar Labels Travis Kelce an 'Idiot' on The View - Swifties Speak Out!"

Behar also called attention to other tweets from his college football days like, “Why can’t girls hide they back fat?” and “I feel like if you want to be a cheerleader you have to pass a beauty test. There’s too many ugly cheerleaders out here.”

Though cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed she wasn’t “defending” those specific tweets, she pointed out that Kelce is a part of the first true social media generation. “We documented everything,” Griffen said. “You gotta give people a little grace and hope that the way he treats women now is reflective of how he is as an adult.”

Whoopi Goldberg agreed, adding, “Young people do young people stuff. What you said 25 years ago may not be the way that you feel this time. So everybody needs to lighten up and let these people do what they want to do.”

"Taylor Swift Fans Rally as Joy Behar Labels Travis Kelce an 'Idiot' on The View - Swifties Speak Out!"

Taylor Swift fans on X.com and TikTok largely appear to agree with Behar’s cohosts. “Those tweets are from 13 years ago when he was a 20 year old college student tweeting into the void like the rest of us,” one X.com user wrote. “She needs to shut up.”

In the comments section of a TikTok post about the discussion, one of Kelce’s fans took specific issue with Behar’s remarks about Kelce’s spelling and grammar mistakes. “As someone with a first class degree and dyslexia, I just hate the ‘idiot’ and ‘illiterate’ comments,” the user wrote. “Watching his pod, he’s clearly a smart guy.”

Another user commented on the same post, writing, “Haters gonna hate hate hate, but Traylor needs to shake it off for their love to thrive.”