Sweet thing Kate Middleton does at every wedding so she doesn’t upstage the bride

Sweet thing Kate Middleton does at every wedding so she doesn't upstage the bride



The Princess of Wales uses a very clever tactic to ensure all eyes are on the bride on her big day – although she has made one exception to her strict rule



Everyone knows the bride should be the centre of attention on her wedding day. But what happens if you happen to be good pals with a celebrity? Unfortunately, there’s a good chance your other guests will probably be very excited to see them.


And even worse – what happens if you’re mates with one of the most photographed women in the world, the Princess of Wales. But Kate has a sweet little trick she uses at every wedding she attends in a desperate bid not to steal the limelight. She very rarely wears a new outfit to a wedding, always recycling an old dress or coat.


This means fashion fans and the media can’t get too excited about what she’s wearing as they’ve already seen and analysed it before. She did this at her brother-in-law Prince Harry’s wedding, recycling her Alexanda McQueen tailored coat. Lots of people thought she was trying to upstage the bride by wearing cream (even though it’s actually yellow), but she was probably actually trying to do the exact opposite.


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