‘Steel and Silver Mahomes’: A Day After Sterling Celebration, Patrick Mahomes’ Partner Fills Her IG Page With an Emotion Called Pet Love

‘Steel and Silver Mahomes’:

A day after celebrating her daughter’s second birthday, Brittany Mahomes posted a photo of one of her dogs in an adorable pose on her Instagram story. She even tagged the IG page dedicated to both her dogs, Steel and Silver Mahomes.



Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Loves His Pit Bulls - Woof Republic




This is not the first time that Brittany has shown her love for the family’s pet dogs. She regularly posts adorable snaps of the pets in different outfits and also while playing with the couple’s children.



Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a pit bull buddy | The Kansas City  Star



Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have a whole IG page dedicated to just the dog pictures.Apart from that, Brittany also turns into an animal activist whenever required.



Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Loves His Pit Bulls - Woof Republic



When the weather in Kansas City became too frigid during Christmas weekend last year, Brittany took this opportunity to publicly chide pet owners who leave their dogs out in the cold.

“If you leave your dogs out in this weather you have NO HEART,” Brittany tweeted on the issue, sharing a news article.


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