Simone Biles and world’s top gymnasts debut streaming Gold Over America Tour encore

Simone Biles and world's top gymnasts debut streaming Gold Over America Tour encore

Gymnastics fans who missed Simone Biles’ high-flying moves when her Gold Over America Tour power-tumbled into Fort Worth’s Dickies Arena — or awe-struck attendees who want to relive it — can settle in and watch from home this weekend.Biles, a Texan and the most decorated female gymnast of all time — along with her Houston training mate Jordan Chiles, their Olympic teammates Grace McCallum, MyKayla Skinner, Jade Carey, and more of the world’s best gymnasts — will debut the Athleta Presents Gold Over America Tour on the Stellar streaming platform at 3 pm Saturday, December 4.



Simone Biles and world's top gymnasts debut streaming Gold Over America  Tour encore - CultureMap Fort Worth




The show, billed as “an embodiment of the themes of empowerment and togetherness which were on display in Tokyo,” is a high-energy, gymnastics spectacular reminiscent of a pop concert. Each athlete performs parts her most famous routines to a soundtrack of girl-power songs. Mixed into the show are career highlights, personal videos, and life lessons about confidence, mental health, friendship, and more. Colorful, sparkly leotards — particularly ones that look like Wonder Woman costumes — add to the fun.



Simone Biles | Biography, Olympics, Medals, & Facts | Britannica




“I am so excited to bring the Athleta Presents Gold Over America Tour into homes across America,” Biles says in a release. “I hope the tour has inspired the next generation of athletes, and I’m excited that more people might now be able to see our incredible show.”



Besides this year’s Olympians, additional participants include: 2016 gold and silver medalist in Rio and Dancing With The Stars champion Laurie Hernandez; All-American, NCAA National Champion and viral video sensation Katelyn Ohashi; Morgan Hurd, winner of three gold medals in 2019 and 2020 at the Tokyo World Cup; elite gymnast Shilese Jones; former USA Gymnastics Women’s Athlete of the Year Chellsie Memmel (who stole hearts and won over fans with her comeback at the National Championships in Fort Worth last summer); 2021 French Olympian Melanie De Jesus dos Santos; the top Canadian female gymnast of all time Ellie Black; and U.S. National Team member from 2012-2016 and the 2018 NCAA Gymnastics Champion Nia Dennis.



A crew of gymnastic dancers also performs throughout the show.

“These women are not only athletes at the top-of-their-game, but also the ultimate squad,” organizers say in the release.

Produced by MagicSpace Entertainment and promoted by AEG Presents/Concerts West, the tour visited 32 North American cities — including Fort Worth and Houston — in fall 2021. (The streaming performance was previously recorded from an unspecified show.)


Tickets for the streaming event (with 24-hour playback) are $20, available through A VIP option for $100 includes a text-only chat room with Biles, Chiles, and Hernandez during the performance; merchandise discounts; and more.

For more information on the show, tickets, and more visit the website. Follow Instagram and Facebook @GoldOverAmericaTour, Twitter @GoldOverAmerica, and YouTube.


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