Simone Biles and her husband, Jonathan Owens, continue to flourish in their marital life as they steadily update fans on the part of their lives they want the world to know about

simonle biles

A month before tying the knot, the pair announced they had bought a piece of land where they were going to build their dream home and live happily together.



Simone Biles Engaged to Boyfriend Jonathan Owens - E! Online




After having their wedding ceremony in May, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a lot of progress has been made on the purchased land.The artistic gymnast, who is always eager to converse with her fans through her social media pages, updated them on the impressive progress that has been made in preparation for building her family home.Showing off the work on her Instagram Story to her 6.8 million followers, she posted a nine seconds clip revealing the state of the land, which workers were actively working on.


Aside from the foundation, which had been laid on the ground, wooden structures stood erect on different segments of the property. Also visible in the clip was a mobile toilet made available for the construction workers.

Additionally, lumber planks, vehicles carrying building materials, and a ladder were also included in the video. Although a lot of work still has to be carried out on the developing land, Biles couldn’t contain her excitement. She raved in the caption, “I can’t believe we are building our dream home ????????.”


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