“She Wears It a Lot”: $503,000,000 Patrick Mahomes Presented This Ultimate Gift to Mother Brittany, Days After Junior Mahomes Arrival

Bronze, and sterling mahomes

Patrick Mahomes and his unbreakable bond with his wife Brittany is something the NFL world is well aware of. From being high-school sweethearts to a family of four, the duo has created countless fond memories throughout their relationship, before ultimately getting married last year.



In Photos: Brittany Mahomes gushes over baby Bronze, Sterling as family  vacay continues



And recently, they also completed their dream real estate project, as the Kansas City Chiefs QB and his wife have now built a massive mansion in Cass County that boasts a private mini-football field for Patrick Mahomes. When it comes to showering his love for his wife, Patrick Mahomes comes second to none, as he considers Brittany to be his ultimate pillar of support. And after the birth of baby Bronze, the QB surprised his wife with a very precious gift that Brittany values and cherishes to this day.



Brittany, Patrick Mahomes Enjoy First Fourth of July as a Family of Four



Patrick Mahomes surprises wife with a very valuable gift after the birth of baby BronzeThe couple welcomed their first child, daughter Sterling, in 2021. Then last year in November, the couple welcomed their second child and first son, Baby Bronze, into the world.

And to commemorate the joy of being a father once again, Patrick Mahomes got his wife a thoughtful present after baby Bronze’s birth.According to an article by Rachel Paula Abrahamson on Today, the 2X Super Bowl-winning QB got Brittany a personalized pendant. According to Mahomes, the necklace has the name of both his children on it, and he decided to go with the piece of jewelry because it is “meaningful”. The QB further stated that Brittany is fond of the gift, “and wears it a lot.” And with Brittany being the no.1 supporter of her NFL husband, receiving such a valuable gift that enshrines their journey and the family they built together is certainly something she will cherish for the rest of her life.


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