SERENA Williams’ stepmom has been unable to steer clear of run-ins with law enforcement as she continues her legal battle to keep her grasp on her estranged husband’s crumbling home.

serena and her father

The U.S. Sun can reveal that former stripper Lakeisha Williams, 44, was pulled over by police for a fourth time this year on July 2 for allegedly driving her aging truck illegally, according to court docs.Lakeisha was pulled over in Palm Beach County. Florida, at 2am on July 2, for driving her 2004 Freightliner Columbia Conventional with a defaced or obscured tag.




'King Richard' Williams' estranged wife Lakeisha can't seem to stay clear of run-ins with law enforcement



She was issued a $114 traffic citation, court records show.

The 44-year-old had another run-in with police the month before when Palm Beach County police again pulled her over on May 9 for driving the same truck on the highway with expired tags.

And, in February, she received two citations for driving the vehicle with a utility trailer, both with expired tags.Lakeisha’s latest traffic stops come as The U.S. Sun learned she was hit another legal blow in her bid to try and keep Venus and Serena Williams’ childhood home.

Both a bankruptcy trustee and major creditor want a judge to toss Lakeisha’s repeated bankruptcy filings.



The 44-year-old – who is 37 years younger than her estranged husband Richard, 81, – is accused of faking his signature to transfer the title deeds of the four-bed mansion in Palm Beach Gardens into her name, court docs said.

She then borrowed $279,000 from hard lender David Simon for a disastrous trucking business, and Simon has been pursuing her through the courts for the cash, which now stands at over $600,000, including interest and attorney fees.To delay foreclosure on the house, Lakeisha has filed three times for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to persuade the courts that she can keep up with a $10,000-a-month, five-year repayment plan.



But that’s never materialized in six years, and now Robin Weiner, the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee, has had enough and filed a motion to dismiss her latest bid for “failure to make required payments under the plan.”



Meanwhile, Simon, who’s hardly received a cent of his money back, has also filed a motion to dismiss the case stating that “the Debtor’s continued delays and failure to make required plan payments constitute material breaches of the payment terms of the confirmed plan and is prejudicial to the Secured Creditor.”

Aerial photos taken last month prove that Lakeisha has allowed the $1.6million property to rot, which is only worth half that value due to its current dilapidated state.

Meanwhile, frail Richard, who’s suffered two strokes and is dealing with the onset of dementia, is currently living at a nearby home owned by daughter Serena.

Lakeisha was first accused of faking Richard’s signature to transfer ownership of his vehicles, which were then sold without his knowledge.

She admitted on oath that she sold his 1999 Bluebird motor home, worth $46,000, but said it was because Richard left her and their son Dylan starving, adding: “I had to sell it so I can eat and my son can eat.”

Richard denies ever giving her permission to sign any docs on his behalf, and through his son, Chavoita told The U.S. Sun earlier this year that they’ll soon be filing a lawsuit for elder abuse.


Chavoita said: “I can’t remember how long it was into the relationship as far as my dad starting to have financial headaches, like, ‘What’s going on with my social security checks?’

“Lakeisha took the Mercedes, she took the bus, she took money, what else was it? The motorcycle.

“There are so many things that she stole or forged documents for him. That’s considered elder abuse.


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