“Saying the Chiefs offense is boring is comical” – Patrick Mahomes’ wife dragged critics for calling QB ‘boring’


Patrick Mahomes and his family are no strangers to criticism and online trolls. Be it the Kansas City Chiefs star or his wife Brittany, there have been countless controversies in their professional and private lives. Of course, Brittany has always come forward to defend Mahomes and the team.


"Saying the Chiefs offense is boring is comical" - Patrick Mahomes' wife dragged critics for calling QB 'boring'

While Mahomes is easily one of the NFL’s most celebrated quarterbacks, the 27-year-old has also hit a few rough patches. After all, one cannot win every game they play.During the 2021 season, former NFL defensive back Ryan Clark spoke up on Mahomes and the Chiefs offense:



"Saying the Chiefs offense is boring is comical" - Patrick Mahomes' wife dragged critics for calling QB 'boring'

“He’s broken. Patrick Mahomes is broken. And he’s broken because he’s the same as he’s always been but that’s no longer good enough. It’s time for Patrick Mahomes to pivot. It’s time for Patrick Mahomes to play football in a different way”.
He went on to call out the Chiefs offense specifically, convinced that they cannot win from big plays.



“This is a boring offense that refuses to be boring to win football games,” Clark added.
Brittany took to Twitter to defend the team, straight up referring to Clark’s comments as ‘weird’.She went on to defend his play, and deemed Clark to be the ignorant one.



“Saying Patrick is broken is ignorant. Saying the chiefs offense is boring is comical,” she tweeted.Patrick Mahomes’ wife has continued to defend him during the 2022 season
Throughout the years, Brittany has consistently supported Patrick and the Chiefs. Not only has she spoken on behalf of the QB, but also the team.



Last year, the fitness trainer called out a news site for trashing Mahomes. Though the article called Patrick a good QB, they dissed his style of play. The writer claimed:

“He doesn’t care if his team wins or loses. All he cares about is how he looks”
Brittany was quick to defend:Most KC fans agreed with Brittany, wondering if the writer was bitter and wanted their own team to win.



Unfortunately, Brittany has often been on the receiving end of haters online. A couple of controversies have affected her social media presence, mainly due to speaking up in favor of her husband.



However, she has always maintained her nature, candidly calling out people who ticked her off. She has also addressed the haters a few times, dealing with the negative attention in her own way.


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