San Francisco 49ers’ Deebo Samuel surrenders to Mahomes’ greatness: “He’s capable of doing anything”

San Francisco 49ers' Deebo Samuel surrenders to Mahomes' greatness:

Deebo Samuel the wide receiver of the 49ers, couldn’t help but acknowledge Mahomes’ performance in Super Bowl LVIII. Despite dealing with a shoulder injury and pulling his hamstring in the second half, Samuel expressed his frustration:



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“I’m just like bro, not right now, like please not right now.” He was determined to help his team despite being limited, but ultimately they fell short.Samuel highlighted Mahomes’ capabilities, acknowledging: “They got (the) great Patrick Mahomes on the other side, so you know he’s capable (of) anything.” He credited their defense for playing well throughout the game but emphasized that it was “just Pat Mahomes being Pat Mahomes” that made the difference.

In the game, Samuel was not able to contribute as much as he would have liked, ending with 3 receptions and 33 yards. Despite his injury, he pushed through the pain to finish the game. The 49ers ultimately lost their second Super Bowl to the Chiefs in recent memory.