Rumor: Travis Kelce Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Pregnant for Him

Rumor: Travis Kelce Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Pregnant for Him

Travis Kelce seems to have a thing for black entertainment reporters. Hey! he dumps them eventually but he still likes keeping them around for years so…

After dumping the mother of his kids, Kayla Nicole, Travis, according to rumors has found himself a new black entertainment reporter Zuri Hall. Not so long ago, Nicole took to social media to lament about all the wasted years with Travis. She spices things up a little by calling herself stupid for thinking Travis will ever marry her after 5 years of their on-and-off relationship. She defended Travis even when he was accused of cheating, just to get dumped. Damn!




After Dumping Kayla Nicole, NFL Player Travis Kelce, Is Now Dating Access  Hollywood Correspondent, Zuri Hall -



Meanwhile, Travis is not bothered about Nicole’s tears as he has found himself a new black woman Zuri Hall, to play around with and eventually dump her too. However, Nicole and Zuri seem to be having some subtle beef because of Travis who is no good when comes to relationships. They are yet to engage in public dramas though but have unfollowed each other.

The NFL player during her relationship with Kayla Nicole was accused of cheating with numerous women. He also, according to reports, made Nicole go halfsies on all bills including trips and dates. Well, Nicole denied all allegations claiming rumor mongers couldn’t be farther from the truth.




Travis Kelce Officially Back On with GF Kayla Nicole, 'She's The Absolute  Best'



But guess who came out crying later? Nicole!

Via Sideaction:

Looks like Travis Kelce is keeping things moving.

Kansas City Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce possibly has a new girlfriend. We’re hearing Travis is dating entertainment reporter, television personality, actress and producer Zuri Hall. Zuri is correspondent for Access Hollywood on NBC. Travis recently split with Kayla Nicole, who hasn’t been seen at a Chiefs game this season. Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole was also recently linked to Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons after being spotted at some Cowboys games over the last few weeks. Last year the two split after his longtime girlfriend Kayla Nicole was rumored to give him a marriage ultimatum.



We’ve been scooped that Travis and Zuri’s relationship is “new” and that the two are just in the early stages of getting to know each other. So nothing officially as of yet, and the two haven’t posted anything about each other on their respective social media accounts. However there’s a video circulating of Zuri talking with one of Travis’ buddies. If you look carefully in the background, you’ll see a big guy wearing a pink suit.



Zuri was also spotted at the Kansas City Chiefs game in a Skybox taking in the game against the Buffalo Bills.

Interestingly enough, Kayla and Zuri used to follow each other and have now unfollowed.

Well, because the drama is yet to unfold in this seeming relationship, trust TGS to bring you updates, the prospect, and fails as and when it happens.


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