Returning to the Mat After Three Years, Simone Biles Reveals the ‘One Reason’ That Made Her Fall in Love With Gymnastics

Gymnastics was the first sport

Simone Biles has solidified her place among the most decorated American gymnasts in history with her seven Olympic medals. Her position as a trailblazer in gymnastics has been cemented by her extraordinary accomplishments, including 25 medals from World Championships.






She is regarded by many as the best gymnast to ever represent the sport, which is a testament to her extraordinary talent and unwavering commitment. The legendary American gymnast Biles recently discussed her love of gymnastics, and her eagerly awaited return to the sport in a captivating mix of personal anecdotes and athletic followers to send her questions that she can answer. She shared details about how she discovered and embarked on her journey to become one of gymnastics’ greatest.





Someone asked Simone Biles “What made you choose Gymnastics as your sport versus any other sport? “Biles replied, “Gymnastics was the first sport I tried & I instantly fell in love and have done it ever since”. She continued, “It was also a daycare field trip that introduced me to gymnastics”. In her Q&A she opened up about seeking therapy, having kids someday with her husband Jonathan Owens, and also details about building her new home with her husband. The path Biles has taken has not been without difficulties.

She encountered the difficult challenge of “the twisties,” a transient loss of awareness of her air balance that hampered her performance, at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Her choice to emphasize security, mental health, and perseverance struck a chord with fans everywhere, winning her praise and admiration. Simone Biles will make her comeback at the U.S. Classic. She has previously competed nine times and won gold medals 20 times.


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