Randi Mahomes narrowly avoids serious car crash: “I saw it coming and felt it”

Randi Mahomes narrowly avoids serious car crash

Randi Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ mom, was lucky to leave a car wreck scene unscathed on Saturday.



Patrick Mahomes' mom avoided a car accident over the weekend




The mother of 3, (Patrick, Jackson, and Mia), who is an avid social media user and usually shares family updates and events in her community, shared the story of what she witnessed on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) with her 93 thousand followers.Randi’s terrifying close call



In her message, Randi said she barely avoided being involved in a head-on collision after witnessing a 3-car accident over the weekend: “Just witnessed a car wreck w/3 cars & barely escaping a head on myself.”


Mahomes’ mother, also shared how one stranger who was involved in the wreck told her how lucky she was to have escaped being hit and that she needed to go to church and give thanks to God: “A guy in one car told me. “You need to go Church & Thank God i was able to miss getting hit.” His car was smashed & he saw mine so close.

Randi finished her message by saying she was shaken after the incident and that she was praying for those involved: “Prayers for everyone. I saw it coming and felt it. So shaken”
Randi’s message to social media haters

In the days after Netflix released the NFL documentary series ‘Quarterback’, Randi also took to social media to release her frustrations on the amount of hate her family had been receiving on social media.


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