Queen has NEVER lived in most important home because of Princess Beatrice

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While Buckingham Palace has a reputation as being the most important of the Royal residences, St. James’ Palace is actually considered to be the highest-ranking home. St James’ Palace was built by King Henry VIII in the 1530s.



It was considered to be the second most important London residence by most Tudor and Stuart monarchs.The Palace of Whitehall was thought to be the most important but it was destroyed by a devastating fire in 1698.



Despite the importance of the palace, the Queen has never lived there. Instead, it is inhabited by Princess Beatrice. Princess Anne and Princess Alexandra also live there.n addition, the official offices of the Prince of Wales are located there. Before the Queen moved into Buckingham Palace, she resided at Clarence House.



She moved to Buckingham Palace after her father suddenly died in 1952. Prince Charles, who currently lives in Clarence House, is expected to move into the Queen’s current residence when he takes over as KinHowever, there has been speculation that he may open the Royal palace up to the public.



This is thought to be part of the future King’s attempt to create a “slimmed down monarchy”. Royal expert Camilla Tominey suggested the future king may choose to live “in a flat above the shop”, leaving the Palace available for outside visitors.



She told the Telegraph this would demonstrate Charles’ image as a “frugal” monarch and would be part of a wider “recalibration of what it means to be a Royal.”Ms Tominey explained: “There’s this sense that he wants a slimmed-down monarchy to make sure that everybody is doing their bit and that there are no, so-called, ‘hangers-on’.



“I think this is Charles’ attempt to basically look like he has inherited his mother’s habit for being frugal – turning off light switches and being green – and generally being good value for money.



“On one hand, it’s probably a good idea for when Trooping the Colour happens for us not to see such a vast array of royals on the balcony at Buckingham Palace because it then begs the question: who are all these people and what are they doing?”



But she also said that this might have some significant drawbacks, saying: “The upper echelons of the monarchy have become increasingly depleted.We now have no Duke and Duchess of Sussex, no Duke of York and, even before he died, Prince Philip had retired from public life. “That means that there are too few royals to go around.



“We saw a major example of this slimmed-down monarchy at the diamond jubilee in 2012, because we had expected a bigger show at the Buckingham Palace balcony, but I think at the time we described it as the magnificent seven.”



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