Prince William ‘saddened’ by Harry’s attack on his father Prince Charles – and its fatal.

In an apparent criticism of his own father and even the Queen indirectly, Prince Harry said he had endured “some form of pain or suffering” because of his own dad’s experiences growing up

Prince William is ‘saddened’ after his brother appeared to attack his dad Prince Charles in a sensational podcast interview, insiders have claimed.

The brothers are expected to join forces to unveil a statue in Diana’s memory but in the wake of Harry’s recent outburst, insiders reportedly fear the reunion is at risk.

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The event, scheduled for July to mark what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday, could become more difficult as the Duke of Sussex speaks out publicly about their late mum.

Last week Prince Harry caused a stir after saying in a podcast he wants to “break the cycle” of the “pain and suffering” of his upbringing with his own children.

In an apparent criticism of his own father and even the Queen indirectly, he said he had endured “some form of pain or suffering” because of his own dad’s experiences growing up.
Prince Williams and Kate

The brothers have both struggled with Prince Charles in the wake of Diana’s death but William is said to have spent the past few years repairing his relationship with his dad.

A royal source told the Daily Mail : “Prince William is, of course, saddened by the recent developments because of the way Prince Harry is putting such deeply personal pain into the public domain, invading all the family’s privacy.

“It is fair to say that, even now, William does privately have conversations about the relationship with his father, which has been strained in the past.
“There was much hurt after his mother’s death and both brothers at times found their father’s commitment to his work difficult to comprehend.”

Prince William and Harry

The source added Charles and William now have “a lot of mutual respect” and the Duke of Cambridge “would never even comprehend for one moment speaking publicly in the way Harry has done in the past week.”

They added that William had “learned lessons from his upbringing” and aims to put his family first but also believes developing a relationship with his dad is “critical” for the monarchy’s future.

Another royal insider was reported to have said Harry’s claims would ‘increase tensions’ with his brother and went against an agreement after the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death.

The Royal Family has been left in crisis since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

Harry briefly returned to the UK for the funeral of his grandad Prince Philip last month, but members of the Royal Family were reported to have given him a ‘frosty reception.’

Prince Williams and Kate
Prince Williams and Kate

Sources told the Mirror’s Royal Editor Russell Myers at the time that Harry wrote his father a “deeply personal” note before the funeral in a bid to ease tensions, and Charles was hoping to see his son after the service but the Duke of Sussex told him he wasn’t sticking around.
Harry is expected to return to the UK for the unveiling of a statue on July 1 which would’ve been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday.

Writing in the Mail Dan Wootton said the more Harry speaks publicly about Princess Diana before the meet-up the harder the arrangements would become.

Amid speculation he would not come back as tensions ramped up a palace insider told Page Six Harry would “absolutely” be there for the important event.

They reportedly said: “No one is going to tell Harry not to come, but how does he face his family?

“Harry’s still coming, we’re told, but how will it all go down? Will he just turn up on the day without having seen them beforehand?


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