Prince William arrogant Polo win against Prince Harry unveiled: Read

prince on ride


Prince William and Prince Harry royal rift in 2019 is unveiled.While the brothers and wives now live separate lives across the pond, there was a time when the siblings played polo together  in a tense match.



William’s team beat Harry during the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day. Harry reached out to his brother to pat him on the back for good performance while William kept his arms firmly behind his back.



Judi James told at the time: “William’s fig-leaf hand gesture and rather wary-looking smile looks a world away from the more relaxed warmth from Charles and Doria at the other end of the group.”



She added the princes no longer display the brotherly love they used to. She said: “The jury’s still out then in terms of any rift, although neither Harry nor William appear to be in much of a hurry to show us all those non-verbal sibling bond and tie gestures that they grew up using.”



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