Prince Harry ‘Rushed To Psych Ward’ After Crisis

Prince Harry 'duped by Greta Thunberg call' Russian pranksters say

Prince Harry was reportedly sent to a psych ward in the midst of a mental breakdown, according to one tabloid.

A lot has changed for the former royal, so Gossip Cop is taking a look back on this PTSD-based story to see if we missed anything.Prince Harry ‘Rushed To Psych Ward’ After CrisisAccording to The Globe twelve months ago, Prince Harry’s PTSD from the death of his mother was driving him into the psych ward.

The trauma was reportedly made worse by his military service and the difficult split from the royal family.Prince Harry ‘Rushed To Psych Ward’ After CrisisA source said, “Meghan forced him to ditch his family, friends, and country to chase her Hollywood dream — but it’s turned into his worst nightmare.”

This was an absolutely wretched claim that blamed decades of trauma onto Markle for no reason other than to sell papers.Prince Harry ‘Rushed To Psych Ward’ After CrisisThis so-called source went on to say, “The only people they see are the A-listers his controlling wife is courting to jumpstart her career and make her a superstar.”

Gossip Cop busted this story by pointing out that it was just another story disparaging Meghan Markle without any proof behind it.Prince Harry ‘Rushed To Psych Ward’ After CrisisA source close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed that there was no truth to the story. Prince Harry has many friends in California, like the Clooneys, that he knew before Markle, so this was completely false.

Obviously, this story was false. Any story that tries to blame the trauma of fighting in a warzone on Markle is just impossible to believe. Mental health is not something to be trivialized.Prince Harry ‘Rushed To Psych Ward’ After Crisis

Prince Harry knows this. He and Markle left the royal family partially because the palace wouldn’t help her when she was struggling with thoughts of suicide.

The couple and Oprah Winfrey have a new series on Apple TV+ all about mental health. The Globe should make a point of watching it.


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