Prince Harry realising ‘cost of leaving’ royal family after Queen Elizabeth’s death?

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Prince Harry is reportedly realising the cost of leaving the royal family following the death of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, a royal expert has suggested.


Talking to TalkTV, royal expert Douglas Murray commented on the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle staying in the UK following the Queen’s death and taking full part in events mourning her loss.


Murray said: “I think this must be a very lonely time for Harry by all accounts on the day of the late Queen’s death, having to arrange his own travel.”


“Being reminded of the fact that if he had been part of the family still, he would have been looked after by them but he had to go his own way because he said he would. Now he’s seeing some of the costs of it. One of the costs of it is a certain coldness from members of the family.”


“How could you not guard what you say when a member has said so many things about the family and is expected to say more,” Murray added.


The comments come as Prince Harry stepped out with senior members of the royal family to walk behind the Queen’s coffin, and was also one of the few immediate family members to fly to be by her side in Balmoral, Scotland, when she died on September 8, 2022.



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