Pitures OF Patrick Mahomes’ brand new home have been released

City House kanasity

Mahomes shared details in the first episode, how they met while in the seventh and eighth grades. The future Chiefs star asked her out in his sophomore year and, while spending their first Valentine’s Day together, friends started chanting for them to kiss while at the lunch table.







“When they were chanting, I thought it was kind of awkward and it was funny,” Brittany revealed. “I was like, ‘OK, this guy is actually kind of cute. Maybe I do like him.’







“So then we just started talking and then started dating.” And the rest as they say is history, as they’re now super successful and share a beautiful home and life togethe But during the offseason, it’s been time for Mahomes to focus more on what his wife wants to do, and the Chiefs quarterback took inspiration from Aaron Rodgers. Mahomes took his wife to see Taylor Swift in concert at Arrowhead last week after Rodgers attended a show in New York.



It wasn’t easy for Mahomes to seal the deal with Brittany, as it’s soon to be revealed on the new Netflix docu-series ‘Quarterback’ that he was placed in the friend zone. The series is set to explore the lives of well-known quarterbacks, with Mahomes the focus of the first episode scheduled to air July 12


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