Philadelphia Eagles will continue the ‘Tush-Push’ play after NFL refuses to ban it

Philadelphia Eagles will continue the 'Tush-Push' play after NFL refuses to ban it

It is highly likely that the ‘Tush-Push’ is one of the things Jason Kelce is going to miss the least. He is on record yelling ‘F**k my life!’ every time he has to lead this play.



The 'Tush Push' will survive as NFL doesn't want to ban play



Evidently, his family must also feel worried about every single time that play happens. When asked about the controversy, Jason seems quite fed up about it. You can already imagine the outrage from those who oppose this play after the executive vice president of football operations at the NFL. This discussion will continue causing a major point of disagreement, especially after hearing the stance from the NFL.Given that Jason Kelce is on the verge of retirement or on his final years of a brilliant career, arguing about this controversy is no good use. This is what Jason said in one of his ‘New Heights’ episodes: “Listen, ban it.

At this point, I don’t care. I’m over the discussion about it. We were really good at running quarterback sneak[s] before we did the push. I don’t think that it’s a necessary part for it. It certainly helps, there’s no question about it. I don’t have the energy to care about whether it gets banned or not. We’re going to run it right now because we’re good at it and it’s effective and whatever they do next season, we’ll figure out a way to do something at a high level and make it effective.”