Paul McCartney busted a move alongside Swifties at the Eras Tour during “But Daddy I Love Him,” and oh my God ‘Everyone looks like they’re having a blast’

Paul McCartney busted a move alongside Swifties at the Eras Tour


Paul McCartney looked like he was having a ball at Taylor Swift’s concert in London on the weekend.


Paul McCartney busted a move alongside Swifties at the Eras Tour

The Beatles legend, 82, was among a host of famous faces who rocked up for the epic Eras Tour at Wembley, which has been wowing Swifties since it kicked off on Saturday.

Taylor’s famous pals, including model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne and Tom Cruise, were also in the audience, but Sir Paul stole the show when he was seen bopping along to But Daddy I love Him. In a video posted on X, formerly Twitter, the Hey Jude star can bee seen dancing to the track while a group of excited fans clap along in excitement.

Paul McCartney busted a move alongside Swifties at the Eras Tour

The sixties icon appeared in good spirits as he walked into the venue, where he was greeted by several Swifties and handed numerous friendship bracelets on the way to his seat. In the clip on X, the star can be seen sashaying into a VIP tent after he waved at a few admirers and accepted their bracelets, which are shared among fans at all Tay Tay concerts.

Also gifted bracelets as she made her way inside the venue was Taylor’s friend Cara. The pair have been friends for years, with the singer recently seen supporting the model at the Playhouse Theatre in London, where she’s performing in Cabaret.

As well as Tom Cruise and Prince William, Charlotte and George attending the gig, Taylor’s American football player boyfriend made a surprise appearance on stage during her performance at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, appeared in a morning suit, bust out a few dance moves and carried the singer, who pretended to faint, to a red sofa during the middle of the show.

His appearance during the short skit, where Taylor appears to “drop dead” during the song The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived, sent the crowd of almost 90,000 wild.

Of course, Swifties will know the song is supposedly about her ex, Matty Healy. The singer dated the 1975 star briefly last summer before they parted ways.

Taylor doesn’t confirm who her songs are about, but her fanbase always seems to know. The track name, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived could have reflected that common misconception Matty is smaller than he actually is – height wise. The son of Loose Women star, Denise Welch, and actor Tim Healy, has spoken in the past about his smaller stature, telling The Fader : “Everyone in [the 1975] is 6’4” and I’m 5’10”, so everyone thinks that I’m 5’5”.”

Then there are the lyrics of the track itself. The first verse included the lines” “Gazing at me, starry-eyed / In your Jehovah’s Witness suit.” Matty’s iconic look has always been a close-cut black suit, white shirt and black tie, which could have been comparable to a so-called ‘Jehovah’s Witness suit.’