Patriots QB Mac Jones Criticized: ‘Disrespectful’

Patriots QB Mac Jones

A small dose of kindness can go a long way in the NFL, especially with defensive linemen.

In the Netflix series “Quarterback,” Kansas City Chiefs signal-caller Patrick Mahomes revealed an interesting theory: defensive linemen go a little easier on the nicer quarterbacks. As it turns out, the two-time Super Bowl champion is correct.



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On Tuesday, Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Calais Campbell confirmed that Mahomes’ theory is correct. However, he also revealed that not all quarterbacks adhere to this theory, as he called out New England Patriots signal-caller Mac Jones for crossing the line with his trash talk.”Mac Jones actually, he was kind of disrespectful,” Campbell said. I’m like, ‘Hold on, man.’ (It was) just trash talk to the highest level. It was like, ‘You don’t trash talk me.”



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Whatever Jones said to Campbell, it clearly crossed the line. The two had a single encounter during Jones’s NFL career last season in a Week 3 matchup at Gillette Stadium. During the game, Campbell delivered a significant hit to the quarterback, resulting in Jones being sidelined for a month due to an ankle injury

It is possible that Jones released his frustration on Campbell after throwing zero touchdowns and three interceptions, with his team on the verge of losing to the Ravens, ultimately falling 37-26. Even though the Patriots won’t face Campbell in the upcoming season, it would still be wise for Jones to contemplate embracing Mahomes’ theory and displaying respect to Campbell’s fellow peers, as it has the potential to reduce the intensity of hits he takes in each game.


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