Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany shuts down IG fan’s house tour request in $8,000,000 real-estate empire

Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany shuts down IG fan's house tour request in $8,000,000 real-estate empire

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have been at the forefront of the NFL’s social media scene for years. With Brittany growing popular over the years, there has been an expected invasion of privacy as Mahomes continued to play in the NFL. Of course, the couple has gone through their changes over the years.

While Brittany Mahomes is open about sharing a few details about their children and schedule online, there is a certain amount of restrain she maintains.This includes their current Missouri mansion, which is seemingly off-limits to anyone who wants a house tour.

During a QnA session on IG, Brittany was asked for a house tour. The fitness trainer had a short response: “Nope”. In another question, one user asked about the specialty about her new house. Brittany responded: The privacy and safety”.
Considering how a few fans act, showing off their entire new house might not be safe for the Kansas City Chiefs star and his family.

Brittany also spoke about haters, and how she has come to deal with them. Unfortunately, hate has also caused her to be careful about what she posts.
“The less I share the less I have to deal with horrible people”.
Of course, there has been enough chatter about Patrick’s new house in Missouri.


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