Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce extend Chiefs’ domination on The Match

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce extend Chiefs' domination on The Match

It may be June, and the offseason is in full swing, but Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes had one more stop on their tour of America after winning their second Super Bowl together. On Thursday night, the iconic pair ran into another championship-winning duo in the form of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors in this year’s version of The Match.



The Match 2023: Patrick Mahomes, Steph Curry and an AI Ad for Bing – The  Hollywood Reporter




Both teams faced off in a 12-hole match at Wynn Las Vegas. The Match was full of good content that can be expected from four amateur golfers, but some moments stood above the rest.

Heading into the match, Curry looked like the most talented golfer of the four going into the match. He had previously played in the 2020 edition of The Match, where he teamed up with Peyton Manning, to challenge Charles Barkley and PGA legend Phil Mickelson. Up next would be Mahomes, who partnered with Josh Allen to face Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the 2022 edition.




Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce to Play Steph Curry, Klay Thompson in The  Match



The wild cards for the Match were Kelce and Thompson. Kelce is known for being on the golf course but more for chugging Coors Lights, not draining putts. Thompson is by far the weakest golfer of the group, but Vegas had the Curry/Thompson duo winning behind Curry’s rep.



What Vegas did not predict, nor did Chiefs Kingdom, was the surprising outing from Travis Kelce.
“We are not pros!”

On the 5th hole, Kelce and Mahomes bombed their tee shot into the woods on the right side of the fairway. Like most golfing events, the patrons gathered around the ball to witness their favorite player attempt to hit a shot. Mahomes noticed a line of fans in front of Travis Kelce as he prepared to take their shot and yelled, “Hey, look out! We are not pros. We may not hit it over your head!” This was ironic because Kelce hit the most beautiful shot, putting the dynamic duo within striking difference to take a commanding lead.
Man of the People



atThe event was about bragging rights for the four superstar athletes involved, but the real winner was the No Kid Hungry Foundation. No Kid Hungry Foundation is a national campaign aimed toward ending childhood hunger in the U.S. On two separate events, closest to the hole, and the hole-in-one challenge, players competed to win money to donate to the foundation. In the end, Travis Kelce won both events and donated 1,250,00 dollars to the cause.


Kelce and Mahomes Dominate

Before the match began, it was believed Kelce might be more of a liability than an asset, but anyone who thought that was sorely mistaken. Mahomes had his flashes of brilliance on the golf course, but every time the star QB appeared to make a bad shot, Kelce was there to pick up his teammate (and vice versa).



It was a scary sight on the first hole when Mahomes appeared to mess up his drive, but Kelce came up behind his quarterback and made the play for him with a beautiful hit to start the match. In the end, the Kansas City duo of Mahomes and Kelce closed out the match on the 10th hole in the same way they started: Mahomes missed a straightforward putt, but he did not show an ounce of fear because he knew Kelce was going to put the game away.


It was nice to see the duo show the same chemistry on the greens as they’ve shared on the football field.

Now that the 2023 Match is in the books, what other iconic duo would you like to see take on the Chiefs’ powerhouse in 2024? Let me know in the comments below.


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