Patrick Mahomes To Test His Golf Skills In $1 Million Dollar Hole-In-One Challenge

Patrick Mahomes To Test His Golf Skills In $1 Million Dollar Hole-In-One Challenge

Patrick Mahomes’ NFL career has been nothing short of spectacular. In every year of his starting career he’s taken his team to the AFC championship, with three Super Bowl appearances to boot. But now he’ll take on a challenge without the help of Head Coach Andy Reid or star Tight End Travis Kelce. No, Mahomes will have to do this on his own. This challenge will be one that will truly test the signal-caller.On Saturday, June 24th, at 6PM PST / 9PM ET, Mahomes will live-stream the challenge onto WhatNot, the live-streaming marketplace service.



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If Mahomes succeeds, WhatNot will donate $1 million dollars to the 15 And The Mahomies Foundation.

Donations will be made for each shot, but the million dollar donation will only come if Mahomes gets a Hole-In-One.

The 15 And The Mahomies Foundation’s mission is dedicated to “improving the lives of children. The Foundation supports initiatives that focus on health, wellness, communities in need of resources and other charitable causes.”




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The event will be Co-Hosted by former NFL linebacker Blake Martinez, who retired from the NFL to pursue a career in selling trading cards on WhatNot.

“I’m excited to open up the event for anyone to experience it live through Whatnot,” said Patrick Mahomes. “This event and the cause it supports is so important to me, so I’m eager to finally get the chance to bring all of my supporters along while I attempt a hole-in-one.”
Viewer Rewards



Additionally, viewers have a chance to win something spectacular as well. The most important thing is that the donations for this program go towards helping children. However, it never hurts to win something yourself.

The biggest giveaway includes a rare Patrick Mahomes NT PRA /99 BGS 8.5 sports card, valued at over $40,000. While it’s certainly a big prize, it’s not the only one.



Viewers also have a chance to win more rare items. This includes:

Sports Cards
Signed Golf Balls


And if you don’t like the Kansas City Chiefs, perhaps your reward will just be watching Patrick Mahomes lose the challenge. That being said, this is one of those situations where watching him win will actually be a good thing for fans outside of KC.


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