Patrick Mahomes: Spreading the ball around makes Chiefs a hard offense to stop

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes completed passes to nine different receivers in Thursday night’s win over the Chargers, and he also completed passes to nine different receivers in the Chiefs’ Week One win over the Cardinals.


says that’s all part of the plan.Mahomes said after beating the Chargers that the Chiefs expect to spread the ball around a lot this year, keep defenses guessing, and be the kind of offense that is difficult for any defense to prepare for.



“With the amount of tight ends, running backs and receivers that we have, it’s going to be everything,” Mahomes said. “It’s going to be a lot of guys catching passes, it’s going to be running the football, it’s going to be throwing the football, it’s going to be deep passes.


It makes us a hard offense to stop. And when the defense plays the way they played today, we’re going to win a lot of football games.”


as completed 73 percent of his passes, for 8.0 yards per pass, with seven touchdowns and no interceptions, and the Chiefs are 2-0.



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