Patrick Mahomes Speaks Out About ‘Weird’ Criticisms Black QBs Face

The Lessons Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs Learned From Their Weirdest Season


Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked about the controversial film study clause that existed in Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray’s contract that was revealed earlier this week.



The clause stipulated that Murray participate in at least four hours of “independent study” per week. The blowback from the contractual clause, which was first reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, resulted in a surprise press conference from Murray and the Cardinals eventually removing the clause from his contract.



In light of the discussion regarding Murray’s contract, Mahomes was asked directly if he felt that he was evaluated differently because he’s a Black quarterback.



“Obviously the Black quarterback has had to battle to be in this position that we are to have this many guys in the league playing,” Mahomes told reporters.



“Every day, we’re proving that we should have been playing the whole time. We’ve got guys that can think just as well as they can use their athleticism. It’s always weird when you see guys like me, Lamar, Kyler kind of get that on them when others don’t.


But at the same time we’re going out there to prove ourselves every day to show we can be some of the best quarterbacks in the league.”



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