“Patrick Mahomes share gifts for Esther”We’ll miss the kids a little bit

“I’m excited because you get that standalone [game]. You get to play at Arrowhead [Stadium] at 12:00. I mean, everybody’s gonna be just opening presents and getting the food in them and then they’re going to be the happiest they possibly can be, and they’re gonna turn on and see the Kansas City Chiefs playing.




Patrick and Brittany Mahomes Bring Their Kids to Meet Santa: Photo



So I’m excited about that,” the two-time league MVP said.“I’m a little disappointed I’m going to miss Christmas Eve with my kids and Christmas morning and miss Santa coming. But I’ll be able to spend the evening with them and open presents with them then. So, it’ll be a great opportunity. I’m excited for that. We’ll miss the kids a little bit but we’ll celebrate after the game’s over.”

Mahomes and Brittany, both 28, welcomed daughter Sterling in 2021, with Bronze arriving last November.

In addition to Christmas, the Chiefs will also play on New Year’s Eve next Sunday against the Bengals.