Patrick Mahomes reacts to Tom Brady’s second retirement: ‘He is definitely the GOAT’

Patrick Mahomes reacts to Tom Brady's second retirement: 'He is definitely the GOAT'


One of the most important rivals Tom Brady had during his last five years of a brilliant caree was Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs’ QB is about to embark in a journey that can either take him closer to the GOAT status Tom Brady has or leave him as another wanna be. Although everybody agrees that Tom Brady will never be repeated, Mahomes appeared to remind us that NFL football keeps evolving through time.


Patrick Mahomes reacts to Tom Brady's second retirement: 'He is definitely the GOAT'

During a recent interview with Fox Sports, the Chiefs QB spoke about Tom Brady’s second retirement announcement. This is what he said: “He has a little bit of that Jordan in him. That will to win and that will to be the best. I think that’s what makes Tom so great. Even though he might not have the best arm or the best mobility, he’s still really good at both of those things. He is the GOAT, and someone that I want to try to chase, but I know it’s a long ways away for me, and I just have to continue to win football games.”




This is where comparisons between both QBs emerge, Mahomes is relatively young and still has a whole career ahead of him. Winning another ring at this age will definitely put him in the conversation for GOAT contender. If everything goes as he expects, Patrick Mahomes will officially be included in this conversation with two Super Bowl rings already in his possession. He has already played two Super Bowls in his short-span with the Chiefs, this is the third one he plays.



In hindsight, Mahomes has everything to become just as dominant as Tom Brady was during his spell with the New England Patriots. Although they have to beatthe Philadelphia Eagles during the LVII Super Bowl in order to get to that point. If this happens, Patrick will have two rings out of three attempts to win one. Not bad for a 27-year-old QB who still has a long career ahead of him. Currently, we can already consider Mahomes to be in the prime of his career. However, getting to the place Tom Brady is right now still seems inattainable.


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