Patrick Mahomes Meet A Old Friend, They are So Excited

Patrick Mahomes Meet A Old Friend, They are So Excited

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce won their second Super Bowl championship in four years during the 2022 season. The quarterback and the tight end have become one of the best offensive duos in the league, and it was through their commendable chemistry and friendship that they could achieve the elite status. Surprisingly, their seemingly unbreakable connection was sparked by Patrick Mahomes Sr.When the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs appeared on Jason Kelce, and Travis Kelce’s podcast New Heights a while ago, he told a story about how his dad managed to inspire the two-time Super Bowl-winning tight end when he was going through a tough game.





Mahomes Sr. helped Travis Kelce regain his confidence

Patrick Mahomes recounted the time when Kelce played with him for the first time. Back then, the current Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill was a dominant receiver for the Chiefs who had an outstanding outing, while Travis struggled big time, recording just one reception for 6 yards. Patrick said, “If you look at our relationship now, you would be like, ‘That is crazy!’ But my dad tells this great story. We win the game, and Travis is a team player, so he’s all hyped up in the locker room, but we go to the family area. Travis gets out there first, and he was going to see his family. But you could just tell that Travis was kind of down—not down, but like, ‘Man, I could have played better.’



But my dad, Silky P, went over there and grabbed Travis and said, ‘Hey, he’s going to throw it to everybody. So just know, your time’s coming.’ The next game, we play the Steelers, and Travis has 140 yards and two touchdowns. My dad said he grabbed him after and was like, ‘I told you.’”After this anecdote, it did not take long for Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce to establish themselves as one of the most powerful duos in the league. Since then, Kelce has managed to exceed 90 receptions and 1200 yards every season. Additionally, he has also been named an all-pro in all five games of the season since Mahomes took over the position of the Chiefs starting quarterback.

How did Patrick Mahomes and Kelce meet?

On the podcast, the duo shared a lot of juicy inside information about their careers and how their bromance started. It was on the podcast that the pair finally revealed their meet-cute story, and the details are relatable to most adults in their 20s.


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