Patrick Mahomes is accused of ‘faking injury’ at the Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes is accused of 'faking injury' at the Super Bowl

A player from the Philadelphia Eagles made a huge accusation against Patrick Mahomes.
Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl in four years and this could be the start of a new dynasty in the NFL. The quarterback won his second MVP Award and, even with an injury, delivered a performance for the ages to beat the Eagles.

The Chiefs were down 24-14 at halftime but, as it happened three years ago in Super Bowl LIV against the 49ers, they erased a double-digit deficit to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy.
However, just a few months after the big game, some players from the Philadelphia Eagles still remember what happened at Arizona. Furthermore, they believe Patrick Mahomes faked the ankle injury to make everything a bit more epic.

Patrick Mahomes led a remarkable comeback for the Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles throwing for three touchdowns and scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter.

Though he was seen limping during most of the game, after the ankle injury suffered against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Divisional Round, Mahomes was sensational with a 131.8 rating. However, Brandon Graham believes everything was fake during an interview at “Sports Take” in JAKIB Sports
“He (Mahomes) went in there on the sideline and he’s looking like he’s hurt. We’re thinking. We’ve got to get to him, we’ve got to get to him. Then he came out, you can tell how tough he is, man, but that boy acted good. He sure put that face up like (supposedly hurt).”


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