Patrick Mahomes Got High after taking Beer On Stage

Showing Kids How to Shotgun a Beer

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes are big fans of partying. Even though the couple has two kids at home, it has not stopped them from enjoying this off-season. The fact that Patrick is fresh off a Super Bowl win only adds to the levels of craziness their party fever can take. This was on full display, when Mahomes went on stage at a Luke Combs concert, only to shotgun a beer with lightning speed.



Luke Combs Shotguns Beers With Patrick Mahomes Onstage!




This is not his first encounter with the famed beverage. Right after his Super Bowl win, Mahomes was seen pouring a beer down his throat. The Kelce Jam maybe have showcased Jason Kelce’s beer-chugging skills, but surely someone would have spotted Patrick having a go as well. Though this time, it seems he wanted everyone to see his beer-chugging abilities.
Patrick Mahomes joins Luke Combs in a beer-chugging contest on stage



Luke Combs, a popular country artist, is on tour and had a concert in Kansas City recently. Patrick and Brittany, together with a couple of friends, were watching the concert from the skybox. Patrick then momentarily disappeared from the box and ended up on stage, where he showcased a couple of dance moves, sang along for a while, and then chugged down a beer.Though the fans present were thrilled at Mahomes’ antics, not everyone in the community was impressed. Many fans felt that Mahomes’ actions make him unworthy of being a role model to kids, with one fan Tweeting, “Anyone who can suck beer down like that is most likely an alcoholic, teaching kids to do the same is not my idea of a role model”.


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