Patrick Mahomes goes through Bobby Stroupe’s ‘workshop’ after a rough season and there’s good news

Patrick Mahomes goes through Bobby Stroupe's 'workshop' after a rough season and there's good news

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes have wasted no time diving into offseason training for the upcoming 2024 NFL season. Just a few week after the end of the football Mahomes is training, marking the beginning of what could be a productive offseason regimen. Their training sessions are overseen by famous trainer Bobby Stroupe.Their partnership has crafted a tailored routine that maximizes Mahomes’ unique skill set and physique.



Patrick Mahomes' trainer explains move to Kansas City



“Did some fact checking and we actually did NOT lose to the bad boy Pistons 1991 NBA team in the NFL playoffs this year,” Stroupe wrote on Instagram to caption a couple of pictures showing Mahomes working out in the gym.