Patrick Mahomes’ father wants his son to also play in the MLB: ‘Baseball is in his blood’

Patrick Mahomes' father wants his son to also play in the MLB: 'Baseball is in his blood'


This Patrick Mahomes story makes us remember other major athletes from different sports such as LeBron James.


Patrick Mahomes' father wants his son to also play in the MLB: 'Baseball is in his blood'

The NBA’s all-time scorer was actually an outstanding football player but he chose to play basketball. Many think he would’ve been just as great playing in the NFL as he has been in the NBA. Apparently, the same can be said with Patrick Mahomes and baseball. His father was an MLB pitcher for the Minnesota Twins and little Patrick was close to the MLB his entire life.




In fact, Pat Mahomes spoke about the skills his son had from a very early age and even how Alex Rodriguez himself was sort of a mentor for Patrick. This goes to show that if he wanted, Patrick Mahomes could very well try his luck in the MLB and he would actually have a chance to be drafted by a team.


Patrick Mahomes' father wants his son to also play in the MLB: 'Baseball is in his blood'

He already has the history and the pedigree, not to mention his athlete status. Like LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes has potential to become a two-way sports star. He probably won’t but it’s nice to know he could.



Here’s what Pat Sr. told the New York Post: “I just remember him being so excited to go to the yard every day. I’d have to hold him back just so I could get in the car before we left because he was ready to get out there. And he’d get there to the clubhouse, get his uniform on, and he’d be one of the first guys out on the field, and of course I had to play catch and all that.



His first practice he was playing shortstop, he threw the ball across the diamond and hit the first baseman right between the eyes, broke his glasses. So they told him to start throwing the ball three-quarters of the way and then it rolled there. But I wouldn’t let him do that, so I told ’em just to move him to first base, so he became a big fan of all first basemen.”



Here’s Pat Mahomes’ account on Alex Rodriguez mentoring Patrick: “Once he saw how he handled himself on the field, how he was tracking the balls and how he was catching the balls off of the big-leaguers’ bat. He felt a little more comfortable. He would watch the first couple of innings of the game and then he would go to the nursery where all the kids were and they’d watch the game down there and play games and do different stuff. And then if I went into the game, he’d come out and watch me pitch.



“A-Rod would take him down after shagging balls and stuff, he’d take him down to the cages and get him on a tee and soft toss to him and then he would break it down with him, take him into the film room and show him what he was doing wrong and show him what he was doing right, and he loved that. I knew he had a chance because I know where I was at that point and I know he was way more advanced than I was at that point.”


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