Patrick Mahomes Calls His Mom My ‘Superwoman’ as he Celebrates Her 48th Birthday


Randi Mahomes and her daughter Mia were away from their Texas home on Tuesday when tornado sirens began sounding.


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Severe storms rolled through Texas, including a likely tornado, injuring 23 people, NBC News reported. Fortunately for Mahomes, who is the mother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, she and Mia were unhurt.

But there were some harrowing moments for the two as they sought shelter in a fast-food restaurant but couldn’t get inside.

Mahomes shared her story on Twitter. “BLESSED to be home. Mia & i just tried taking cover from a tornado warning at a fast food place who’s lights went out but no one would let us in,” Mahomes wrote.

“My hand is bruised from beating on the door and holding to the brick & my baby girl I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.”

A person on Twitter said they wanted the name of the restaurant, but Mahomes said there was no need for hard feelings.