Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Discreetly Returns to Action, Months After Restaurant Fiasco

Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson

The wife of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews, defended her brother-in-law Jackson Mahomes against negative comments on social media.



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In response to a fan’s question via an Instagram story Q&A on April 16, Matthews called the comments “ignorant” and emphasized that Jackson is just a regular person trying to live his life.



Months after the allegations, Jackson Mahomes discreetly returns to action. He has been involved in several controversies lately. In March, he allegedly shoved a teenage waiter and forcibly kissed Aspen Vaughn, the owner of Aspens Restaurant and Lounge. Police are investigating the incident using surveillance footage from the restaurant.



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Despite the serious allegations, Jackson posted an image on his Instagram page that portrayed a carefree and happy demeanor. However, after the incident surfaced on social media, his posts became relatively quiet until he shared a new image hours ago with his brother Patrick Mahomes, captioned “Draft Day.”t is worth noting that Jackson had been a frequent guest at Aspens Restaurant and Lounge due to his friendship with Vaughn’s stepdaughter, who also works at the restaurant.


Vaughn had previously referred to Jackson as a “good kid” and a friend of her daughter in a Facebook post from December.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage from the establishment.


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