Patrick Mahomes Boldly Declares Dan Marino’s 1984 Season as the Best Ever QB Year in History; “Don’t Care What Anybody Says” Krutik Jain|Published August 06, 2023

Patrick Mahomes Boldly Declares

Patrick Mahomes, the electrifying quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, has shown time and again why he is considered one of the brightest stars in the NFL. Despite his own record-breaking performances, Mahomes recently revealed that he believes Dan Marino’s 1984 season stands as the best ever by a quarterback in a single season.




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During his appearance on New Heights, Patrick Mahomes didn’t hold back his admiration for Dan Marino and his incredible 1984 season. Mahomes, who himself has achieved remarkable success and rewritten record books, had no hesitation in declaring that Marino’s performance from 39 years ago remains unbeatable.


Patrick Mahomes Unveils His Mt. Rushmore of QBs and Praises Marino’s Historic 1984 Season

During a recent appearance on the New Heights podcast, Patrick Mahomes was asked by Jason Kelce to name his top 5 quarterbacks of all time. Mahomes didn’t hesitate and revealed his Mt. Rushmore of QBs, saying, “I mean, obviously Tom [Brady]’s on there, yeah. Joe Montana, he’s won four Super Bowls. You gotta throw Peyton [Manning]. And it’s to me, right now, it’s probably between Dan Marino and John Elway.


I’m gonna give it to Elway just because he has the Rings.”Mahomes’ top 5 quarterbacks include Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, John Elway, and Dan Marino. But what stood out the most during the podcast was Mahomes’ unwavering admiration for Dan Marino’s remarkable 1984 season. He praised Marino’s extraordinary achievement of 48 touchdowns in a single season, emphasizing its historical significance and impact on the game. He further added,Tom Brady’s impact on Patrick Mahomes’ career is undeniable, as evident in his views on The New Heights podcast. In Mahomes’ list of top QBs, it comes as no surprise that Tom Brady occupies the top spot on Mt. Rushmore. The 7x Super Bowl champion’s greatness and success have left an indelible mark on Mahomes, influencing not only his playing style but also his approach to contract negotiations.


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