Patrick Mahomes, Becky G and Barbie Inspire New Ways to Shop Their Favorite Products

What’s in a shopping cart says a lot about our customers and who they are. It’s more than just a shopping list – carts give us a glimpse into our customers’ passions, interests and what matters most in their daily lives. Through countless orders of fresh watermelon and giant plush toys twice the size of our pup, Zoe, my Walmart shopping cart provides a small window into my world and what my day looks like.



Three images that have text overlay that reads "Welcome to [insert celebrity]'s Walmart". The celebrities are Patrick Mahomes, Becky G and Barbie.








But do you ever wonder what items your favorite celebrities always “Add to cart”?

Today, Walmart is launching a new, digital-first shopping experience that gives our customers an up close and personal way to connect with their favorite celebrities and shop customized carts full of their most-loved items. We teamed up with Patrick Mahomes, Becky G and Barbie to select their top picks from Walmart and curated shoppable carts for some of their favorite moments.

Through this new experience, we’re making it easier for our customers to discover, share and shop these famous favorites from Walmart. Because while Walmart is the place that has everything, it also has their thing – and the thing for you!




A collage of images show Patrick Mahomes in a golf cart and gold equipment. An orange square reads "Welcome to Patrick's Walmart."



Patrick Mahomes is an NFL quarterback, devoted dad of two (and his dogs, Steel and Silver!) and has been a Walmart shopper since he was a kid.

Patrick spends most of his year on the field as a world-class athlete, so when he gets downtime in the offseason, he likes to kick back, recharge and enjoy time with his family. From practice swings on the putting green to entertaining his kids in the backyard (pro parent tip: a bubble machine is a must!), to staying in peak performance mode with top recovery gear, Patrick is sharing which Walmart items


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