OMG! Watch Coach Andy Reid Dancing as His Team Surprise him with a perfect End of Season Present.


There was a delayed dance, the promise of gifts and even a secret agreement with a head coach.


The last week of the NFL’s regular season featured storylines that weren’t readily apparent to the casual viewer.

For instance, why did Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jadeveon Clowney delay celebrating his strip sack of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, and when the dancing began, why did it last so long?

“That was a very long celebration,” Ravens nose tackle Michael Pierce said. “That might have been a record for longest celebration.”

Clowney had 750,000 reasons to get his dance on after he triggered a bonus for that amount when he passed 9.0 sacks. He didn’t realize it at first, but the strip sack counted toward his total and gave him 9.5 on the season.

Some players say they aren’t aware of their bonuses when they’re on the field, but certain celebrations Sunday suggested that might not be entirely true.