NFL News: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes names the three toughest defenders he has faced

NFL News: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes names the three toughest defenders he has faced

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Matthews, are the NFL’s power couple, and she is their number one fan.

The two have been together for more than 11 years, dating back to high school, and together they celebrated a Super Bowl title and his $503 million, 10-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as two children and a romantic wedding in Hawaii in March. 2022.



Brittany Matthews shares Patrick Mahomes pic amid Joe Rogan drama




Fitness trainer and influencer Matthews, 27, revealed she buys QB’s lucky red underwear for game day, and how she deals with groupies and haters on social media calling her too much.” ugly” to be with the NFL star.

Matthews spoke on a 2018 Shootin’ It podcast with Sophie Julia about how she and Mahomes met growing up in Texas: “In high school, Patrick and I really started to connect. We were best friends for a year and a half before we started dating.



“And I finally started to fall for him… He’s still my best friend to this day.”
The couple share daughter Sterling and son Bronze.
Patrick Mahomes / Instagram

She insists that friendship is key to the success of their relationship, explaining: “For the most part, we were best friends for a long time, so we know each other like the back of our hand and are very close.



Brittany Matthews shares Patrick Mahomes pic amid Joe Rogan drama




“We had bumps on the road to college, but I know if I wanted someone better, I would have gotten it a long time ago. [It is about] trusting each other and staying strong in who you all are.

“People may think fame and money are getting to Patrick, but he’s literally the same person I was with in high school.”
Matthews said he always sits in seat #1. #15, also Mahomes’ jersey number, in games.
Instagram/ Brittany Mahomes



The former college athlete and soccer player, who offers workouts and motivation through her own website, also opened up about her husband’s work ethic.

“He is at the facility from 6 am to 6 pm He comes home and is studying even harder.

Matthews is a constant presence at their games, often wearing flashy red outfits to support her husband. And she’s gotten used to game day superstitions.



“All the away games that we have had right now I have sat in the number 15 seat, which is his [jersey] number,” he revealed on the podcast.
Matthews and Mahomes have been together since high school.
Instagram/ Brittany Mahomes

He even created a tradition for him.

“I bought Patrick’s lucky game day underwear, red Lululemon underwear, and he’s worn it every game day.”



Matthews is known as an outspoken Mahomes supporter on social media, which has sparked some controversy, such as when he once told a fan to shut up.

In 2021, Matthews responded to an Instagram troll who suggested he doesn’t have a career due to his NFL WAG status, replying, “And why do you follow me?”
Matthews admits that dealing with would-be NFL groupies can be annoying, especially on date nights when Mahomes is still approached.
Patrick Mahomes / Instagram



She admitted on the podcast that her social media presence has sparked backlash. “I had to change my phone number because people were texting me and harassing me and saying all these mean things to me,” Matthews said. “[But] It’s hard because I have feelings like them.

“When they say things like I’m ugly and Patrick could do better than me, they have no idea what they’re saying.”

She also has her fair share of NFL groupies to deal with, but she shrugged in the podcast interview, saying, “I try not to worry about it or get involved. Obviously her DMs always blow up, and I don’t even look at them anymore because it’s, like, the girls that are so annoying…
Matthews isn’t afraid to applaud trolls on social media.


Instagram/ Brittany Mahomes

“It’s always going to be a concern for any girl dating an NFL boyfriend… but you just have to know that they [the girls] they’re there just for that, so you can’t let it get to you.”

Which is easier said than done, he admitted.

“It’s super hard. Even when we’re out, girls come up and ask to take pictures and I just look away and let it happen.”
To keep busy, Matthews took a job at a Lululemon store for a while, but now she’s focused on her own fitness brand.
Instagram/ Brittany Mahomes

The couple, who now have a daughter, 23-month-old Sterling Skye, and a 10-week-old son, Bronze, moved to Kansas City when Mahomes joined the team in 2017. But unlike other WAGS, Matthews wanted a life out of the NFL. and he got a part-time job at a Lululemon store.



More recently, she has been dedicated to her fitness business, supporting Mahomes and raising her two children.

“I help Patrick with everything he needs… he always forgets things, so I always run to the stadium,” he said.
Matthews fitness site

“I clean the house because he makes a mess of it every day. I cook, I clean, I do laundry.

On his sacrifice during the football season, Matthews said: “I feel like I’m like his manager in a way. His agent and I are very close and he knows that Patrick doesn’t like to deal with everything else outside of football during the season.

“So I try to assume that, just to keep it out of his hands and not make him worry about other things. But I love it.”


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