MLB rookie Elly De La Cruz swapped signed gear with Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

MLB rookie Elly De La Cruz swapped signed gear with Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs are enjoying their last few weeks before the start of training camp next month. As the team prepares for the 2023 season and defense of their Super Bowl title, some off-season activities are on the agenda.






The rumors have been swirling since June 12 at the special Kansas City Royals ‘Chiefs Night’ that Patrick Mahomes was impressed by talented Cincinnati Reds rookie Elly De La Cruz. Mahomes, a well-documented baseball fan and former high school standout, understood the hype surrounding the recent call-up.



The reveal happened during last Wednesday’s Bally Sports Ohio broadcast by reporter Jim Day.

“Patrick Mahomes was here for Game 1. Now he requested an autographed bat and ball from Elly De La Cruz and (he) obliged. And from some prodding from a few teammates, (De La Cruz) actually signed the inscription, ‘Fastest man in the world,’ with his signature,” said Day. “So Mahomes got both of those items.”Apparently, Mahomes also exchanged a signed No. 15 jersey with De La Cruz, but the young player from the Dominican Republic didn’t quite grasp the significance. He apparently doesn’t watch football and said he had only ever watched the Chiefs and Mahomes in the Super Bowl LVII.



The Reds’ rookie has already made quite the splash since being added to the club’s major league level. He is expected to be a star for years, so perhaps paths will cross with Mahomes again in the future.
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