Meghan Markle hits Royal Family with ‘thinly veiled threat’ of own memoir

Prince Harry, Meghan’s daughter Lilibet to make history with royal title?


Meghan Markle has ‘shaken up the monarchy’ with her latest ‘thinly veiled swipe’ about a memoir drop.


This claim has been made on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, Sunday Times Royal Editor Roya Nikkhah.The expert started off by ad


Meghan’s thinly veiled threats against the Royal Family and said. “The thinly veiled threats that came in [Meghan’s interview with The Cut] …I think [she] probably hopes it does [feel threatening] to the Royal



But] I think there’s a lot of eye-rolling, going, ‘We’re used to this by now’.”



“That phrase, ‘I have a lot to say until I don’t’ and, ‘I’ve never signed anything that restricts me from talking’… there was a very strong inference there.”



“And, of course, the reminder that she keeps a journal, and [her] revelation that, ‘when we came back to Windsor, to Frogmore Cottage for the Jubilee, I rediscovered my journal that I’d left there’ – I was astonished to discover that she had left a highly private diary behind in Windsor, rather than taking it back.”



“She’s mentioned a couple of times in the last year or two that she kept a journal, and I think there is a very strong inference that Meghan could write her own memoir.”


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She even went on to suggest, “Most of their belongings were packed up a long time before they even left for Canada and America, so packing up was done.”



“Certainly when Eugenie lived there for a while with her husband and child, they had the run of the house.”



“I think that most of Harry and Meghan’s belongings that remained, which weren’t many, were stored away. So I don’t think she came back and packed up the whole house… I read it as an opportunity for her to mention the journal.”



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