Maxx Crosby sends Patrick Mahomes a tough message he won’t like: He knows I’m coming for him

Maxx Crosby sends Patrick Mahomes a tough message he won't like: He knows I'm coming for him

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce is determined to lead his team back to glory in the fiercely competitive AFC West division, and he’s eyeing a unique strategy to do so.



Raiders star Maxx Crosby opens up on beef with Patrick Mahomes from  headbutts and shoulder shoves ahead of renewing their rivalry in Christmas  Day clash: 'I'll hunt his a** down every time' |



Inspired by the iconic “Jordan rules” employed by the Detroit Pistons to contain basketball legend Michael Jordan, Pierce is considering implementing “Mahomes rules” to tackle the reigning Super Bowl champions, the In a recent press conference, defensive standout Maxx Crosby openly discussed the team’s approach under the proposed “Mahomes rules.”

Unapologetically embracing an aggressive strategy, Crosby asserted that this game plan wouldn’t be limited to their clashes with the Chiefs but would extend to all teams facing the formidable quarterback.