Look At Patrick Mahomes New Ferrari The Kansas City Star

Look At Patrick Mahomes New Ferrari

– Extracampionario ‘Rosso Formula 1 2007’ Paint (£15,360)
– Massive Spec Example with £357K+ List Price
– Including Carbon Fibre Front Bumper Insert (£3,840) & Passenger Display (£3,360)
– Ferrari Manufacturer’s Warranty until July 2023
– Ferrari 7 Year Servicing Package until July 2026
– UK Supplied



2019 Used Ferrari 812 Superfast Bce | Rosso Formula 1 2007




The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the latest front engined, rear wheel drive monster to emerge from Fiorano. As the successor to the F12berlinetta and the 599GTB, this car had some mammoth shoes to fill. Thankfully Ferrari have kept the V12 upfront naturally aspirated and steered clear of any weighty batteries or electric motors. Add to this an increased engine capacity of 6.5L allowing the Superfast to


“It drips with personality and seduces with vast performance.” – Chris Harris

“The 812 Superfast goes straight into the Ferrari hall of fame as an all-time great!” – Auto Express

“The pinnacle of front-engined Ferrari engineering, the 812 melds mind-warping performance with a chassis that draws you into the action.” – EVO


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