Kylie Kelce TEASES a Special Taylor Swift Appearance for Next Year’s Repeat on husband Jason’s annual charity event, after she reveals it raised record-breaking sum… as she teases date for next year’s repeat

Kylie reveals


Kylie Kelce revealed her husband and retired Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce’s annual charity event raised a record-breaking $865,000 and counting.


Kylie reveals

The fourth-annual Team 62 fundraiser, held this time at The Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, benefitted the Eagles Autism Foundation, with more money coming in since the start of this year’s event on Saturday.

Eagles fans swarmed the beach town to get a glimpse of Kelce and other Eagles guest bartending as part of the massive fundraiser.

‘The enthusiasm and generosity around this event never ceases to amazing me,’ Kylie Kelce said on Instagram. ‘People can say what they want about Philly and Eagles fans, but it’s things like this that make it clear why we are so proud to be apart of this community.’

Kylie Kelce also teased that the fifth annual fundraiser will take place on June 25, 2025.

‘We might throw snowballs at Santa, but we’ll also throw money across a bar and chug some beers to support people with Autism!’ Kelce continued.

Jason Kelce was spotted behind a packed bar wearing a green-and-white Mexican professional wrestling match taking a selfie with fans.

Possibly in part due to the Kelce family’s exploding mainstream popularity, a family-friendly component of the event was included, and not just the bar party only for those over 21.

The charity named in honor of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends’ older brother also held ‘The Eagles Takeover’, one block away from The Ocean Drive.

Former Eagles defensive tackle Beau Allen, who previously teased Jason Kelce on the golf course, served fans Rita’s Italian Ice and had pictures taken with Donna and Kylie Kelce.

‘This is by far the most unique and fun event that I’ve ever been a part of from a charity standpoint,’ Kelce said per an Eagles press release.