Kylie Kelce Says Christmas Is Delayed, Daughters Will Watch Jason Kelce and the Eagles Play Football


The holiday season is traditionally a time for families to come together, exchange gifts, and create lasting memories. However, for Kylie Kelce, wife of Philadelphia Eagles’ star center Jason Kelce, this Christmas will have a unique twist. In a surprising move, the Kelce family has decided to delay their celebrations, opting for a football-filled Christmas as the Eagles take the field.


Jason and Kylie Kelce's Heartfelt Announcement Sparks Controversy

Known for his prowess on the football field, Jason Kelce has been a key player for the Eagles, earning multiple Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl championship. This year, as the Eagles gear up for a crucial Christmas Day game, the Kelce family has decided to embrace the unconventional and prioritize football festivities over the traditional holiday customs.

Kylie Kelce, in a lighthearted and festive spirit, announced the family’s decision on social media, sharing that the Kelce Christmas celebration would be postponed until after the Eagles’ game. The post included a playful nod to the family’s football-centric lifestyle, with Christmas trees adorned in Eagles colors and mini football decorations.

“Christmas is coming a little late for us this year, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! 🎄🏈,” Kylie wrote in the caption, accompanied by photos of the Kelce household decked out in Eagles-themed holiday decor.

The couple’s two daughters, who have undoubtedly inherited their father’s love for the game, will be joining in on the unique celebration. Instead of unwrapping presents under the tree in the morning, the Kelce family will be cheering on Jason Kelce and the Eagles as they take on their opponents on the football field.

This unconventional approach to the holiday season reflects the Kelce family’s passion for football and the tight-knit bond they share. It also serves as a reminder that holiday traditions can take various forms, shaped by the interests and priorities of each family.

As fans eagerly anticipate the Christmas Day matchup, the Kelce family’s festive and football-filled celebration is sure to resonate with football enthusiasts and families alike. After all, what better way for a football-centric family to celebrate the holidays than by gathering around the TV, donning their Eagles gear, and cheering for a Christmas Day victory?

In the end, it’s not about when or how the presents are opened; it’s about the joy, laughter, and shared moments that make the holiday season special, even if those moments happen to involve a football game. The Kelce family’s unique Christmas celebration is a testament to the idea that the most meaningful traditions are the ones that reflect the passions and interests that bring a family together.