King Charles’ decision inadvertently sent Prince Harry on a ‘truth-telling spree

King Charles’ decision inadvertently sent Prince Harry on a ‘truth-telling spree

Amid Prince Harry’s recent lawsuits running in London High Court, King Charles may have regrets over the decision that he and his mother took to protect the monarchy and its reputation.

In her comment piece for, royal expert Daniela Elser opined that stripping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their day-to-day use of ‘His/Her Royal Highness’ has caused a big blow to the royal family.






Elser stated that the move backfired as Charles “no longer has any real leverage” after having essentially cut the duke and duchess “loose and, along with his Mummy, having denuded them of their HRHs, then proceeded to boot them out of their UK home.”

She added that the “loss of those three words may have been something of a blow to just how marketable a prospect the Sussexes might be, but it has also liberated Harry from the royal yoke and the conventions that governed the first 35 years of his life.”



The comments come a week after Prince Harry took a “belligerent, vocal pop at the government, labelling things as being at ‘rock bottom’” during his ongoing lawsuit against British tabloids for acquiring information through unlawful means, such as phone hacking.



“In the last seven months, Harry has been on a ‘truth’-telling spree, attempting to hold both The Firm and the British press to account for a variety of sins, ranging from leaving he and Meghan to buy his own sofa to allegedly being repeatedly, egregiously hacked,” the expert detailed.


“In hindsight, the late Queen and Charles, in taking steps to protect the monarchy and depriving them of the HRHs for day-to-day use, has turned out to be quite the double-edged sword,” she surmised


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