Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady would certainly make headlines all over the world.

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady

Despite persistent romance rumors, A source told ET back in May, “Tom and Kim have been in touch because Kim is looking to buy property where Tom has a vacation home.” The source added that the two are “just friends.”



Michael Rubin shares thoughts on Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady dating rumours




The party featured some massive names such as Beyonce, Jay-Z (Shawn Carter), Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Kendall Jenner and Leonardo DiCaprio.New relationships between major celebrities always gather major attention from the media and fans, and a relationship between Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady would certainly make headlines all over the world.

After a few sightings of the pair spending time together, there are plenty of people that are convinced that the reality TV star and the former NFL quarterback and future Hall of Famer are in a relationship.
Rubin squashes rumors



Michael Rubin’s annual white party is one of the reasons that the rumors got so intense, but he himself has now addressed those rumors when speaking to ET at the Shawn Carter Foundation’s 20-year anniversary gala dinner.

“Honestly, they’re just friends,” Michael said. “It’s just the crazy rumors that get out there.”

According to the Fanatics CEO, “Tom was with me a ton of the night and we were having fun, and Tom just doesn’t go out that much. It’s a rare sighting. And Kim doesn’t drink much.


“So I think Kim’s 10 or 12 shots she had, [and] Tom, you know, being fun, it just leads to rumors,” Michael added. “We always want to laugh about it.”

A source told ET shortly after the famous white party: “Kim and Tom spent time hanging out and talking at Michael Rubin’s white party and had a good time together.”


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