Kayla Nicole is soaking up the summer sun in L.A. She recently turned heads with Brittany Mahomes at the Netflix docuseries ‘Quarterback’

Brittany and her friend

Kayla Nicole is soaking up the summer sun in L.A. She recently turned heads with Brittany Mahomes at the Netflix docuseries ‘Quarterback’ Premiere, as the former partner of Travis Kelce proved that the friendship between the duo is still going strong as ever. The Instagram influencer could not contain her pride and admiration for her best friend and husband Patrick Mahomes at their proud moment. She took to her Instagram and stated that she was so proud of Brittany and Patrick Mahomes for the life they have built and their accomplishmentsIn a way, Nicole is that supportive friend who never shies away from celebrating her gang. However, there is something that ticks her off to no end.



“Want to Piss Me”: After Turning Heads With Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany at Netflix Premiere, Travis Kelce’s Former Flame Kayla Nicole Airs Her Anger on Instagram




Nicole’s biggest pet peeve

Nicole took to her Instagram story to express her biggest pet peeve so that her fellow friends can take notes. “Not Answering Be Having Me Want to Tweak Out So Bad…I’ll Break That Phone., she reposted the quote with a caption that read, You want to piss me all the way tf off??? Ignore me,” she captioned.

Nicole was not joking as is visible from the angry emoji she used. Moreover, this gesture of ignoring messages and calls is not something that anyone appreciates.Ever since the ugly breakup with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, the host cum model has had to consistently face questions about her past relationship. While many of the responses were fueled by Nicole’s own social media posts taking jabs at the past relationship, she knows where to draw the line. Nicole was not letting them pass and instead made her stance clear shutting down the nagging comments. Recently, she vented her frustration with people urging her to mend fences with her ex and the constant taunting about her past.

“I really want y’all to stop coming on my page talking bout some old shit. (Eye donut care),” her post read.

In another instance, she made her stance clear with a post of a clip where she was seen staring at the camera while the caption read “ live footage of me minding my black a*** business and not commenting on strangers relationships because when I get in one I don’t want y’all saying shit about mine”.

Kayla does not hold back when it comes to expressing what she appreciates and what she does not. She focuses on her life not letting the jabs get in her way.


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