Kate Middleton Wears Queen Elizabeth’s Signature Pearl …..???

Kate Middleton Wears Queen Elizabeth's Signature Pearl .....???


Kate Middleton is walking in Queen Elizabeth’s fashion footsteps.


Kate Middleton Wears Queen Elizabeth's Signature Pearl .....???

The Princess of Wales joined Prince William, King Charles, Queen Camilla and more members of the royal family on Saturday for a lunch reception at Buckingham Palace. They hosted governors-general of the Commonwealth nations who traveled to London for the late monarch’s state funeral on Monday.

Kate, 40, paid homage to Queen Elizabeth in her jewelry choices. She wore a three-strand pearl necklace that belonged to the Queen, Buckingham Palace confirms. The necklace was a go-to piece for the record-breaking monarch.

In PEOPLE’s latest issue, the Queen’s former assistant private secretary, Sam Cohen, explained of the monarch: “She wasn’t interested in material things at all. She wore the same pearl necklace every day.”


Kate Middleton Wears Queen Elizabeth's Signature Pearl .....???


Kate also wore a pair of pearl and diamond earrings that previously belonged to the Queen — in fact, it was the fourth time since the monarch’s death that Kate was spotted sporting the pieces.

Kate first borrowed the earrings from the Queen when she went to the Netherlands for her first solo foreign trip in October 2016, according to Lauren Kiehna, writer & editor of The Court Jeweller. The Queen wore the earrings to her Silver Jubilee in 1977, the outlet reports.


Kate Middleton Wears Queen Elizabeth's Signature Pearl .....???

Princess Kate wore the earrings when she joined the royals to receive the Queen’s coffin at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, to view tributes in Sandringham on Thursday and to greet Commonwealth troops on Friday.

In another tribute, Kate wore a brooch previously owned by the late monarch on Wednesday for a service at Westminster Hall. As shown in a photo shared by The Court Jeweller, the Queen wore the diamond and pearl leaf brooch in Seoul on April 21, 1999, affixed to a yellow ensemble with a white print.


Kate Middleton Wears Queen Elizabeth's Signature Pearl .....???

In addition to Saturday’s event, King Charles and Queen Camilla will host another reception at Buckingham Palace on Sunday to welcome heads of state and official overseas guests.


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